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Gerry’s Epu

This is Gerry’s tiny house. It’s a Tumbleweed EPU that he built from plans with the help of friends. He started building in November 2008 and in the first part of 2009 it was ready to move to a new home in Victoria, BC. The house wasn’t complete but very livable. The journey covered about 800km which […]

Zoey Has Been Busy

I just stopped in for a quick peek at Zoey’s blog and it looks like she’s got a roof, wall sheeting, and windows! She bought the plans from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, scavenged a bunch of cheap building materials off craigslist, used the trailer from an old travel trailer, and pretty soon she’ll be […]

Gary’s Hobbit House

My wife Julia loves cob houses and sometimes spots a good story while surfing for ideas for her dream house. Last night she ran across this article in Natural Home Magazine about a guy named Gary in Texas who built his little dream house from mostly reclaimed and recycled materials. Gary had no building skills […]

The $20,000 House – The Rural Studio

The $20,000 House is an on-going project of the Rural Studio, an architectural program at Auburn University. The house pictured here was designed and built by students as part of a thesis project. It’s a program designed to teach while providing affordable housing to the people of Hale County, Alabama. One of the primary goals […]

Art Shanty Projects 2009

Now this it totally cool, pun intended, and if you’re up in Minnesota you might want to check this out in person. Art Shanty Projects 2009 is a six-week exhibition, out on the ice, of artist-built ice shantys. These tiny houses are temporary structures modeled after traditional ice fishing huts, which are also often decorated […]

Papercrete Tiny Houses

Julia (my wife) ran across this papercrete house website recently. Papercrete is a simple and inexpensive way of building walls from paper pulp and cement. Normally concrete blocks are a mix of sand, gravel, and quite a bit of cement to hold the block together because the sand and gravel offer no added binding ability. […]

Rebuilding Lakeshore Mississippi

Hurricane Katrina seems long past to most of us but for the people in Lakeshore, Mississippi the aftermath of Katrina is still an everyday challenge. I ran across the story of Lakeshore Baptist Church the other day because they began 2009 by beginning to build two tiny houses for people made homeless by Katrina. For […]

Gratitude Millworks 12×24

This morning I got an email from Ivan, another reader of tiny house design. He sent me a link to a new tiny house builder in Alabama. Kent McCaffrey, of Gratitude Millworks, is getting into the tiny house business and has completed the first of what should be a nice range of tiny houses. I […]

Wee House with a Gambrel Roof

I’m really glad Kent and I setup the Tiny House Forum; it really gives people a place to post their tiny house projects and participate in online discussions. For example here’s a tiny house currently under construction with a gambrel roof. You can see the discussion on this house on this page of the Tiny […]

Gerry’s Tiny House Under Construction

Here’s a tiny house under construction right now. It’s being built by Gerry up in British Columbia. The design might look familiar to you because Gerry is using the plans from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. The project got kicked off in November and they are making very fast progress. Gerry posted on Tiny House Forum so if […]

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