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8×16 Free Tiny House Plans

It’s 1:00 AM and I just put the finishing touches on the first version of the 8×16 free tiny house plans. This house is designed to be an inexpensively built passive solar tiny house on a trailer. In the next few days I’ll draw up a few more interior layout variations that will include floor-to-ceiling […]

Earthbag Building Work Exchange Opporutunity

Here’s a great opportunity to learn to build an earthbag tiny house at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. In trade for hands-on experience building with earthbags you’ll be asked to hang out for a month, work about 30 hours a week, and move heavy objects. But you’ll also be treated to vegan food and life at […]

Tiny House Mobile Showroom

Years ago I tried to make it as a professional potter and traveled in my little Civic to crafts fairs and farmers’ markets each weekend to sell my pottery. I’d pack my car full of pottery and had a homemade roof rack that was strapped to the top that help my display and canopy. When […]

8×16 Free House Plans Coming Along Nicely

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my first post of this 8×16 tiny house plan. It was really great to see it through more eyes. I was also able to incorporate many of the suggestions and have really landed on something I think should be pretty nice. The tiny house configuration that […]

Earthbag House Plans

Owen Geiger over at Earthbag House Plans has been busy. He has posted the preliminary designs for about 77 plans for earthbag homes available on his newest website. An earthbag home is essentially a home made from the dirt under your feet. It’s scooped up and placed in bags like old grain bags or sandbags. […]

8×16 Free House Plans Preview

I had high aspirations of staying up late tonight and finishing the plans for the 8×16 free house plans, but I’m ready to drop. I’m also struggling with the height of the loft in this design and wanted to throw it out there for some feedback before I continue. I’m trying to design this tiny […]

Nine Tiny Feet Plan Update

As promised here are the revised plans for Nine Tint Feet. It might not look that much different from the one I posted last night and this morning but this one uses less lumber, will be better insulated, and is built more like panels than normal framed walls. Each wall piece would be build separately […]

Nine Tiny Feet – Revised Framing Plan

Last night I stayed up late drawing the framing plan of Nine Tiny Feet and posted the work-in-progress plans here at about 1:00 AM. I realized that there had to be a much more efficient way to enclose nine square feet. Well when I woke up I had an idea. Not sure why I’m suddenly […]

Nine Tiny Feet – Plans in Process

I’ve really had Nine Tiny Feet on the brain the last few days. This is the ultra tiny design concept I came up with at virtually the same moment I came up with idea for the Tiny Free House. Both houses explore two extremes, one size and the other cost. Drawing the free house plans […]

Free Plans – 8×8 Tiny House v.3

Last night I posted version 2 of this free house plan but I had missed a couple of important things, windows in the loft and a materials list. I think this will be the final version of this plan except for minor corrections if they are needed. After getting some very good feedback I’ve decided […]

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