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Wedge Shaped Nine Tiny Feet Concept

As I mentioned previously the camping cabin and this super lightweight design for Nine Tiny Feet have been bubbling in my head for the past couple of weeks. Now that I see it in pixels I’m not sure what I think about it. I can’t help but like the traditional style of the original design […]

Camping Cabin Concept

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about drawing the free plans for the 8×20 Solar House with Gables. I’ve just had my head filled with two other tiny house concepts, a new design for Nine Tiny Feet and this tiny camping cabin concept. I spent a couple hours tonight drawing this new version of the camping […]

Alternate Design for Nine Tiny Feet

One of the more extreme design concepts I actually want to build is an ultra-tiny house called Nine Tiny Feet. It’s a nine square foot house plus a sleeping loft. It would contain all the necessary things a house needs like a toilet, shower, stove, refrigerator, sink, bed, chair, desk, and some storage. I’ve posted […]

Tiny Free House – Roof is Framed

I took the day off work and took my daughter Katie up to the farm today. She played with Grammie and Pop and I played with my tiny free house. I completed the roof framing and just have the gable walls, loft, wheel wells, and bathroom wall left to frame. But before I get started […]

Tumbleweed Fencl Update

Kent Griswold from Tiny House Blog visited the Tumbleweed Fencl construction site again this week and posted an update on his blog. As you can see Jay Shafer and crew are coming right along with getting this tiny house built in time for his cross country trip this summer. Jay is also shooting a lot […]

Strawbale Innovation in the UK

I just spotted this on It’s a tiny strawbale house offered by amazonails, the leading strawbale building company in the UK. This tiny house is their answer to a growing demand for tiny strawbale houses. Their website is filled with a lot of alternative building techniques like cement-free tire foundations and using lime instead […]

Gypsy Coach

These tiny houses are being built by Bill Young in Colorado. They measure 8′ by 16′ and are about 13′ tall. The unique roof provides a comfortable loft for sleeping and ample ceiling height below. The interior and exterior have been finished with many Victorian elements like wainscoting, wallpaper, and wood trim. This is one […]

The Pod

I really like the simplicity of these little arched camping cabins. They are available as rentals in the UK. The idea is simply to have a comfortable place to stay indoors while enjoying the outdoors. Some have decks out front and others have wood stoves and electricity. Not all have beds, stoves, and power so […]

One More Competitor For The Next Free Plan I Draw

I really want to thank everyone for leaving all the great comments on the last few posts. The input has really been inspiring and you’re coming up with ideas and issues that probably wouldn’t have occurred to me without sharing the designs like this. The winner of yesterday’s poll was the 8×20 Solar House with […]

Which Tiny House Plans Should I Draw Next?

Which tiny house plans should I draw next? I warmed up on some smaller plans and now I’m ready to try something a little more complicated. Each of these tiny houses would sit on a 7′ x 20′ trailer and is about 13′ tall. Each has it’s own character and I think they are different […]

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