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Vermont Tiny House Workshop

Peter King at Vermont Tiny Houses will be offering a tiny house building workshop on July 11th and 12th, 2009. He’ll be teaching tiny house design and basic construction skills; all experience levels are welcome. The class will build a 12′ by 16′ tiny house with a loft and a 12/12 gable roof. Most of […]

Dee’s Workshop was a Smashing Success

A couple weeks ago Dee Williams mentioned to me that she and KT Anderson were going to host a one-day tiny house building workshop up in Portland, Oregon. It turns out the workshop was a big success and Tammy and Logan from RowdyKittens made the trip up to Portland and took these great photos. Dee […]

Delare Our Energy Independence

This is a bit off-topic but still somewhat relevant. I just think that independence from all unsustainable energy sources and reducing pollution are important elements to achieving our shared long term goals of increased prosperity, happiness, and freedom. If you agree please sign this petition at Repower America. Thanks! I’d also like to mention briefly […]

Tiny Tubular Microlodge Hobbit House

Steve Millar sent me a link recently to this amazing little creation. It’s a tubular tiny house available in the UK. They are 14-feet long and 8-feet in diameter and is constructed from pressure treated 2×4’s and tongue & groove weatherboard coated with Sadolin varnish. The roof is covered in Rubberoid hexagonal shingles. The front […]

Rainwater Collection and Nine Tiny Feet

I spent the better part of last week traveling to Los Angeles. Visiting that town always makes me think about sustainability and self-sufficiency because the whole place seems so dependent on outside natural resources; although you could probably say that about most big cities. As we drove up and down Interstate-5 past all the dried […]

Clever Pull-Out Compact Kitchen

This is a really great space saving idea that could keep a tiny house clutter free. At first it looks as if this wall is just some kind of mural but you soon realize that the shapes you see etched into the wall’s surface actually conceal functional seats, counters, cabinets, and lighting.  The only things […]

Bridge Friggebod – Little Houses on the Black River

A friggebod is a Swedish shed or more technically a standalone adjunct building of up to 15.0 square meters. There are actually three sheds here sitting on an old railway bridge and two of them are on wheels and can be rolled away from the ‘wet’ building across the bridge for more privacy. Little Houses […]

Dogtrot Cabin at Two Mile Ranch

I was clicking around on materialicious the other day and spotted this dogtrot cabin. It caught my eye because I’d just posted a couple dogtrot shed designs the other week. This is the cabin at Two Mile Ranch and while it’s not exactly a tiny house it is fairly small, only 588 square feet of […]

Space Saving Bookshelf Chairs

Living simply requires using every cubic inch cleverly. In the last issue of Small Living Journal I wrote about how to make spaces feel larger and tips for getting the most out of space. This morning I ran across this bookshelf chair which is a wonderful example of getting more function from what is usually […]

Sonoma Shanty Tiny House Plans

Kent Griswold and Stephen Marshall have finished up the printable plans for the Sonoma Shanty and they are available for download now, the cost is $27.00. The Sonoma Shanty is a simple 8′ by 15′ building that can be built for about $1300 in materials and is intended to be used as a tiny house, […]

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