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Funky Bunky

What you see below is a playhouse made by the folks at Funky Bunky up in Canada. As you can see it looks like a whimsical animation that’s come to life and I’m certain kids will love playing in little playhouses like these. But now imagine taking this funky style an applying it to a […]

Urban Rancher Update

As the weather begins to turn colder and wet in California the Urban Rancher is making steady progress on closing in his tiny house. Instead of using the same type of siding all around his house he’s mixing it up a bit, partially for cost savings and partially for aesthetics. I’m looking forward to seeing […]

Students to Build Three Tiny Houses

A couple of days ago I posted the story of a high school class in Canada that is going to actually build three tiny houses from student designs. Ben, the student that contacted me originally, won third place, his brother won second, and their good friend Dany same up with the house they will build […]

Tiny Prefab ebook Winner!

First I want to thank everyone that entered the Free Drawing for the Tiny Prefab ebook. There were tons of great tiny house ideas and dreams in those 39 comments… definitely worth a read if you’re curious to see what’s cooking in other people’s imaginations. To select a completely random winner I used a simple […]

Help Build a Stronger Case for Tiny Houses

The other day I posted a story about Michael Mehta’s small house on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. Michael is currently working on a short article focused on small-scale, sustainable housing for a newspaper article and is hoping to leverage some of the tiny house community’s knowledge and experience. Here’s some background on the article: […]

Homemade Tool for Pallet and Fence Picket Salvage

One of my readers, Harry (aka Fatcat the Tinker), sent me this diagram of a simple handmade tool he created for salvaging old fence pickets. When he saw my adventures in tiny pallet house construction he decided to share this with me and anyone else who was cheap enough to build stuff from other people’s […]

Ben’s Tiny House Design

Yesterday a student named Ben from Embrun, Canada shared with me this tiny house design that he made with Google SketchUp. He and his school gave me permission to show it to you and share a little background on this school project. Ben is taking a construction class at École secondaire catholique Embrun. This drawing […]

Enter to Win – Free Drawing for Tiny Prefab ebook

Update: Comments are closed a winner has been randomly selected! I’ve been working on an update to my ebook, Tiny Prefab, and will have it complete by Monday, November 23, 2009. I thought it would be fun to give away a free copy to one lucky winner in a free drawing. To enter the drawing […]

Small House on Gabriola Island, British Columbia

This small 576 square foot house is located on Gabriola Island in British Columbia and has two stories, a 24′ by 24′ footprint, type-3 septic field, instant hot water heater, and cork floors. The landscaping around the house was finished in river rock so as to avoid having to water lawn. The photos, plan, and […]

Blu Homes – Innovative Folding Homes

Blu Homes is using a new approach for manufacturing factory-built homes. Like manufactured homes they are built in a climate-controlled facility and engineered to use materials efficiently to keep construction costs low. But they’ve designed the buildings to fold-up which lowers transportation and installation costs. They’ve also made an effort to keep the buildings environmentally […]

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