Monthly Archives: July 2011

Tumbleweed Popomo

The Popomo is a modern design by Jay Shafer, the original founder to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. It’s a sleek, simple, and their easiest house to build. The 8′ x 18′ footprint contains a small bedroom, living space, kitchen and bath – all on one floor. Pictured here is an example with COR-TEN steel […]

Alternate Floor Plans for the Prospector’s Cabin

I’ve been busy putting together a book. It will be self-published & self-edited and will capture much of what I’ve learned and assembled on the topic of tiny house design. One of the things the book/ebook will contain are tons of floor plans that should help explain the pros and cons of certain layouts & […]

The Pioneer’s Cabin – 16×20 Tiny House Plans

Many people first discover tiny houses by stumbling across some of the smallest examples – and most folks quickly realize that 120 square foot homes are not for everyone. Luckily many of the same benefits of extreme downsizing can be realized by eliminating extraneous possessions and moving into smaller spaces. Over the past few years I’ve […]

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