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The Navarro 20 – Tiny House Plans

Pictured here is just one way you could finish the Navarro 20. Inside I show an alternating Step Tansu Staircase that leads up to the sleeping loft. The stairs provide a lot of flexible storage space themselves, but even more storage cabinets flank the full size refrigerator. Like all my tiny house plans you have […]

A Peek Inside Tiny House Magazine #41

Here’s a peek inside Issue #41 of Tiny House Magazine. Tiny House Magazine is published monthly and available for both the iPad, Kindle, and as a PDF download. Below are just a few examples of the stories in the current issue. To get a copy just head on over to Tiny House Magazine. Cover Story – […]

Alternating Step Tansu Tiny House Stairs

I’ve not seen many alternating steps being built for tiny houses – yet. It’s a simple concept, provide only the amount of step or tread each of your feet actually needs. When you do this you cover a lot more horizontal distance in less space – which is exactly what you need in a tiny house. How […]

A Tiny Task – Builds a Tiny House in 3 days!

TaskRabbit’s Tiny House will be auctioned off for charity with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges through collaboration and creative problem solving. Tiny House is a symbol of our shared vision and a reminder that, given the right tools and the right opportunities, no […]

Simple Flat Folding Chair

The other day I posted a more complex design for this flat folding chair. That design has more curved corners making it a a bit less angular. This design is bare bones and shows the simple concept better. In a nutshell you take a 2′ x 3′ piece of furniture grade plywood and turn it into […]

Step Tansu Tiny House Stairs Design Concept

Early tiny houses mostly just used ladders to access the sleeping loft because that approach works better with gable roofs. But these days tiny house stairs seem to be more and more common, especially with more folks building houses with shed roofs, gable roofs, and cross gables (as shown above). The higher ceiling along an outer […]

Flat Folding Chair

Space is in short supply in a tiny house – so it makes sense to design a chair that takes up the least amount of space when not in use. This folding chair design can be cut using a router from one 2’x3′ rough cut piece of plywood. You could also use a jigsaw – […]

Life Inside A Box – Building a Tiny House

Derek and Hannah are building a tiny house at Life Inside A Box. The video below is a record of what Derek built on Day 18 of their tiny house build. Right now is a great time to jump-in and follow their project. The walls of the house are up, and Derek is fastening the exterior […]

Casey Friday’s Escape 19 Travel Trailer

You might remember seeing videos of Casey building his tiny house. You might also remember how that tiny house got stolen while it was still under construction. The house was recovered but the whole experience left Casey and his wife with a change of heart on the whole tiny house thing – but it didn’t change […]

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