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18 Tiny House Designs

I’ve been having a blast drawing new tiny house designs lately. I’ve refreshed all my existing tiny house on wheels plans and added six more. I’ve been focusing mostly on the 20 and 24-foot long houses and drawing more with shed roofs. Shed roofs are easier to build and provide more headroom in the lofts. They also […]

Can You Guess Where My Tiny House Design Names Come From?

Some may be wondering where I get the odd names for my tiny house designs. Well its simple… Mendocino County, California. I don’t live there now, but I’m terribly homesick. I was born in Ukiah, but grew up in Marin County – two counties south. My family kept property up in Redwood Valley for a […]

Potter Valley 24 – Tiny House Plans

The Potter Valley is a 24-feet long tiny house and features two roof styles and an entry porch. One side of the house has a clerestory between two opposing 3/12 pitched roofs. The other side of the roof has a 3/12 pitch which provides a lot of added headroom in the sleeping loft. The ceiling […]

Laytonville 24 – Tiny House Plans

I’ve had so much fun designing the Laytonville 24. The primary feature of the house is a clerestory between two shed roofs. There is no loft, leaving the ceiling high and open. I intentionally omitted interior doors (except for the bathroom) because I wanted the clerestory windows to be visible the full length of the […]

Leggett 24 – Tiny House Plans

Pictured here is the Leggett 24 – another new tiny house design. It features a lower lever bedroom with a full height ceiling and the potential for underbed storage. In the center of the house are a bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom can be found behind a pocket door and can contain a 32″ shower, […]

The Comptche 24 – Tiny House Plans

Pictured here is one way to finish the Comptche 24 – my latest tiny house design. Inside I show an alternating step staircase that could pivot up out of the way. This house has two distinct sides, each with french doors leading outside. The back room is just large enough for a double or queen […]

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