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Sawhorse Revolution and Nickelsville’s Tiny House Village

Nickelsville is a self managed eco-village for up to a thousand homeless people in Seattle, WA. Sawhorse Revolution is a Seattle-based non-profit serving high-school students primarily from Central and South Seattle. Our mission is to foster confident, community-oriented youth through the power of carpentry and craft. Combining these the goals of these two non-profit organizations […]

Dee Williams Downsizes, Again!

Dee Williams has lived in her simple, 84 square foot tiny house on wheels for 12 years. She designed and built the home by hand in 2004, and as one of the first tiny houses on wheels in America, attracted quite a bit of attention for it. Endless camera crews, school groups and aspiring tiny […]

4 New 3D Tiny House Tour Videos

My friend Steven from Tiny House Swoon suggested I make some 3D tour videos of my designs – to really show what these tiny houses can look like when people build them. I’d never done made videos like this before, but knew it was possible with the software I use. So I gave it a […]

Boonville 24 Gets a Makeover

I recently refreshed all my tiny house on wheels designs. One design that got a considerable makeover was the Boonville 24. The most notable change was to the front of the house. Where there was once a flat wall is now a 3-foot porch. To make this possible without eating up a lot of interior […]

Introducing the Anchor Bay 16 – Tiny House Plans

The Anchor Bay is a tiny house on wheels that features a large sloped wall/roof with transparent skylights that serve as windows. It has 110 square feet, a sleeping loft, bathroom, kitchen, and open living space. It’s total length is 16-feet, the expected weight is 7,200 lbs. I was thinking that the Anchor Bay might […]

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