5×8 Tiny Market House – Free Plans

I just finished the first pass of the Tiny Market House free plans. This would be a tiny house on a trailer for artisans and other street market sellers to transport and market their wares. In other words it’s a tiny store.

About 15 years ago, before I got into web design, I was a potter and made starving artist wages selling pottery at farmers’ markets and street fairs in northern California. One of the hardest parts of doing street fairs is packing, transporting, and displaying your stuff without totally wearing yourself out.

The tiny market house could be inexpensively built by an artisan and towed behind most SUVs or small trucks. The large window openings would have large slide-out shelves behind shutters that stay closed while on the road. The wares would be packed carefully during transport as always but once the trailer was placed in the booth space it would be a quick set-up.

In the next version I’ll add the materials list and cost estimate. I’ll also draw up the slide-out shelves with more detail so you can see how those could be built. As always please let me know what you think; I always try to include your feedback in future iterations.

Download Free House Plans – 5×8 Tiny Market House v.1 (pdf)


6 thoughts on “5×8 Tiny Market House – Free Plans

  1. rembret says:

    I love this idea! Nicely done. One option I might consider would be to make one of the side walls tilt out and up to form an awning to make a more friendly, approachable area to display items.

  2. Barbara says:

    This is an awesome idea, Thanks. My daughters and I are all artists looking for an affordable way to peddle our wares. This mobile store is the most versatile, practicle, and potentially fun alternative I have seen anywhere. Yep, this is doable! I have been following your site for a couple of months now and have really enjoyed all the great ideas. Again, thanks much.

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