Introducing the Anchor Bay 16 – Tiny House Plans

The Anchor Bay is a tiny house on wheels that features a large sloped wall/roof with transparent skylights that serve as windows. It has 110 square feet, a sleeping loft, bathroom, kitchen, and open living space. It’s total length is 16-feet, the expected weight is 7,200 lbs.

I was thinking that the Anchor Bay might be the ideal tiny house for a beach comber. The smaller size would make it easier to tow and the large sloping wall would make it a bit more aerodynamic. In the illustrations below I show it setup for surfers – just for fun.



Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House Floor Plans

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Living Room

Out back behind the trailer is a porch. Under the overhang could be an outdoor shower head and a place to hang wet sandy clothes. The back door provides access into the bathroom for cleaning up before entering the main room of the house.

By placing a door in the bathroom I used up the normal space for a small wall mounted sink. So as shown you’d either need to use a super tiny sink – or just use the sink in the kitchen.

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Bathroom

In the kitchen I show plenty of cabinets for both kitchen storage and clothing (on the wall with the table). You can also see how a microwave could be mounted in the cabinets to the left of the sink and a small refrigerator could be placed below the cabinet.

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Kitchen

The television on the wall could be placed on a pivoting mount, making it possible to watch it from the sofa. The table could also fold-down out of the way when not in use.

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Home Theater Mode

Up in the loft the pillow side of the bed is placed near the edge of the loft due to the reduced ceiling height at the foot of the bed.

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Loft

As I drew the Anchor Bay I imagined it being used as a traveling beach cabin. Out back I’ve drawn some privacy walls that hinge out and are held open by a sturdy curtain rod. A shower head with hot and cold running water could also be added for washing off the sand in privacy before heading indoors.

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Privacy Wall Open

Anchor Bay 16 Tiny House - Privacy Wall Closed

Normally I don’t recommend building past the edge of the trailer. When driving up steep driveways, like at some gas stations, anything extending out back could get caught or scrape the ground. So if you build a porch on the Anchor Bay be sure to consider this factor first. The porch and steps would be light enough to place back there but the porch will restrict your maneuverability when in tow.

Made for Owner Builders

Tiny Houses are often as unique as their owners. Knowing this… I wanted to make it easier for owner-builders to edit my designs and build their own tiny dream homes. To make this possible I redrew all my tiny house on wheels plans with compatible parts, like bay windows, dormers, and roofs. Now owner-builders can choose how they want to mash-up their own tiny house design.

Standards Based

I also drew heavily on the American Tiny House Association’s Construction Guidelines and great tiny house construction books and how-to videos to help ensure my designs followed quality industry standards.

Plans Include

These plans are delivered as an online download. Each of the tiny house on wheels plans include:

  1. A Printable PDF copy of the plans,
  2. The original SketchUp file, and
  3. A materials worksheet list.


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5 thoughts on “Introducing the Anchor Bay 16 – Tiny House Plans

  1. Marsha Cowan says:

    I don’t usually comment on designs, but this one is exceptionally clever, especially the shower in the back, and the board storage. The inside is very sleek and practical and beautiful, and I like the way the loft is done so cool ocean breezes can flow across you from both sides. Really cool design.

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