Boonville 24 Gets a Makeover

I recently refreshed all my tiny house on wheels designs. One design that got a considerable makeover was the Boonville 24. The most notable change was to the front of the house. Where there was once a flat wall is now a 3-foot porch. To make this possible without eating up a lot of interior space I lengthened the house by 2-feet.

I think the new porch really gives the Boonville much more personality and now I can totally see it sitting along the quiet main street of Boonville, California – its namesake.

Boonville 24 Tiny House  Exterior Front Right

Boonville 24 Tiny House  Exterior Back Left

Boonville 24 Tiny House Floor Plan Lower Level

The Boonville is a 24-foot long tiny house on wheels with a 10/12 hip roof. It has a bathroom sized to fit a 32″ square shower stall, composting or standard toilet, plus small wall mounted sink.

This floor plan is open and features a french door on one side and a front door at one end. One small storage loft would sit above the bathroom and a sleeping loft above the kitchen/dining space in the center of the house. Like the Colvelo & Talmage designs the loft is only accessible from one side giving it some privacy from the front door.

Boonville 24 Tiny House Floor Plan Upper Level

Boonville 24 Tiny House from Front Door

Boonville 24 Tiny House  Interior Kitchen

Boonville 24 Tiny House Interior from Back

Boonville 24 Tiny House Loft

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