Camping Cabin – Rough House Plans

I’ve been super busy this past week drawing tiny house plans… I have three in the works now. The first two plans are a dogtrot and a 12×12 cabin. I added the third to the mix because one of my readers, Edward (a.k.a Doc), told me he’s ready to build it and if I could send him some rough plans he’d get going. He saw the design for the Camping Cabin in an earlier post.

So I spent three days whipping up just enough detail to show Doc how I imagined the Camping Cabin going together. As soon as Doc has photos of the real thing he’ll pass them onto me… and as soon as I have the complete plans published I’ll post them on my House Plans page. Below are some samples of this soon to be available tiny house plan.

10 thoughts on “Camping Cabin – Rough House Plans

  1. Daniel says:

    Google SketchUp is great for testing different tiny house concepts, I love it! I used to just sketch on paper, but nothing beats looking at your future dreamhouse in 3D.

  2. Antic says:

    I love your little home designs! I’ve been trying to come up with a 16′-by-16′ two-story plan and have been finding your designs very inspirational.

  3. Kay Becker says:

    I am an old creaky person with limited income who may wind up in a wheelchair. I too want to live in the smallest house possible. Most plans have lofts which are out of the question for me. Also the bathrooms are too small. Can anyone come up with a plan for people like me? Between the aging baby boomers, the lousy economy and the green movement, I think there will be more of us soon.

  4. dee says:

    What about an outhouse if no plumbing is nearby. We have a cabin with septic, but too hard to connect to it. This would be guest house. Propane stove? What do the off the grid refrig’s run on, propane? And to collect water, I guess from the house just bottled water. Have to use the house for showers. That toilet on top of a bucket, does anyone really use that? What, besides candles and flashlights, may be alternatives for lighting. Don’t want a gas generator.

    • MsDawn Burton says:

      Dee, I use a bed side commade like for health patients. I use saw dust instead of peat moss, because it composts faster. I have a compost pile away from my cabin. I clean the bucket as needed with some vinegar instead of harsh chemicals.

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