10×42 Tiny House Plans – Carrack 1042

Video Overview of Plans

The Carrack 1042 is the beginning of a new generation of tiny house designs. It’s wider and longer than most tiny houses but a project sized for many do-it-yourselfers.

Main Room looking toward Living Room

It’s name is inspired by the Carrack class of wooden sailing ships common during the 14th-17th centuries. These ships rode high in the water and had two to four masts rigged with square sails and fore-and-aft triangular lateen sails.

Right Side View

Most tiny home owners don’t move their homes often and have wondered if the width of tiny house design could be extended.

Trailers under 10-feet wide are easily moved with an oversize single move permit. Trailers as wide as 14-feet can be moved by truck, but when you exceed 10-feet the permitting challenges grow – not to mention the physical size of the tow vehicle.

A 10×42-foot tiny house will still be easily towed by a full size heavy duty pickup truck, and the single move permit will be easy to get.

Kitchen & Dining Room. Loft Above Bathroom & Closet.

The Carrack 1042 has a large open main room with a small loft accessed by ladder. The main room has a long kitchen on one side and a dining table and french door on the other side.

Living Room

A small living room, which can be closed-off, joins the main room. This room could also double as a bedroom, office, or guest room with the right choice of transforming furniture.

Under the loft above the main room is a hallway, bathroom, and closet with laundry hookups. The Hallway leads to a dedicated lower level bedroom, shown here with a queen size bed.

The plans show all the details you need to frame the house. Also included is a plumbing and electrical plan showing the layout of the switches, outlets, faucets, and drains.

In addition to the printable PDF plans (tabloid page size), you get the original SketchUp file which makes it possible for you to make edits using SketchUp Free or a desktop version of SketchUp. Below are sample pages from the plans.

Electrical Plan
Front & Back Walls
Roof Plan
Floor Plan

For over 10 years our tiny house plans have been the lowest cost and highest value. The plans are drawn to be easily understood by do-it-yourselfers. For just $39 you get a printable PDF version of the plans (tabloid page size) and the original editable SketchUp file.


10 thoughts on “10×42 Tiny House Plans – Carrack 1042

  1. Jane Ferguson says:

    Do you know of any finished Tiny Houses for sale? I’m senior and it’s best for me to purchase one like this. Love it.

  2. Marsha Arce says:

    i am looking to build this model with some changes for me and my handicapped daughter that uses a wheelchair. i want to change the bathroom, make changes on having open cabinet to roll under in kitchen and bathroom. i want a system that takes her from bed to shower. Handicapped bars in bathroom. A lift on outside door and other small electrical add ons.
    Would you be able to build something i am talking about or change plans like i need for someone else to build?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Marsha. Sorry I don’t build tiny houses. For a project like that you might want to look for a builder near you – ideally with experience building accessible homes.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hello this is the best plans that I have seen to date. Would totally work for me. Is there any place that I can purchase it all ready done and delivered?

    • Michael says:

      I’ve not planned to do that yet. The SketchUp files can switch from imperial to metric easily, but as you can imagine the metric equivalent would have some very uneven numbers.

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