The Colonist’s Cabin is a two story 12′ x 24′ cabin with a 12/12 gable roof with dormers. On the first floor is a small space for a kitchen, staircase to the second floor, a closet under the stairs, and a living room. On the second floor is a small bathroom, hall closet, bedroom, and bedroom closet. The total interior space is about 500 square feet.

Included in this tiny house plan download are three files: (1) digital copy (.pdf) framing plan, (2) a materials list (.xls), and (3) the original SketchUp 3D drawing (.skp).


Sample Pages from Plans

Below are some renderings of what this tiny house can look like on the inside and out. You can finish it however you like.


colonists-cabin-v1-stairs-step-6-p55 colonists-cabin-v1-roof-framing-complete-p34 colonists-cabin-v1-2nd-floor-interior-walls colonists-cabin-v1-2nd-floor-suggested-building-steps-p30 colonists-cabin-v1-2nd-floor-front-and-back-wall-sheathing-p22

Made for Owner Builders

Tiny Houses are often as unique as their owners. Knowing this… I wanted to make it easier for owner-builders to edit my designs and build their own tiny dream homes. To make this possible I redrew all my tiny house on wheels plans with compatible parts, like bay windows, dormers, and roofs. Now owner-builders can choose how they want to mash-up their own tiny house design.

Standards Based

The framing in this design uses techniques from Advanced Framing standards, which reduce the amount of lumber while increasing the space for insulation. I also drew heavily on the American Tiny House Association’s Construction Guidelines and great tiny house construction books and how-to videos to help ensure my designs followed quality industry standards.

Plans Include

These plans are delivered as an online download and include:

  1. A Printable PDF copy of the plans,
  2. The original SketchUp file, and
  3. A materials worksheet.