Field Testing New Pocket Stencil & Small Bullet Journal

I’m writing this post from my phone in a waiting room… a perfect place to field test the new small bullet journal and pocket stencil.

I really prefer brainstorming with pen and paper. Drawing tiny house designs on a computer is great when you’re working out details but brainstorming is best with simple tools.

I’ve been using journals for years, but my daughter recently introduced me to bullet journals – like graph paper without the lines. Brilliant idea.

So I’ve published some for those of us that like doodling designs when inspiration strikes.

There are two sizes, large and small. The small one is great for taking places. But I also like to use a stencil/ruler because it makes it so much easier to be precise. So I made a pocket stencil that measures 3 by 5 inches – about the size of a larger phone but only 3mm thick.

Together the small bullet journal and pocket stencil give me an easy way to take my tiny house designs on the road or to the waiting room.

Learn more about the new stencils and bullet journals.

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