Flat Folding Chair

Space is in short supply in a tiny house – so it makes sense to design a chair that takes up the least amount of space when not in use.

This folding chair design can be cut using a router from one 2’x3′ rough cut piece of plywood. You could also use a jigsaw – which might take a little longer.

We recommend using the first cut chair as a template – since the dimensions are fairly complex. Then… using a 1/2″ diameter top bearing flush trim router bit, cut additional chairs. Five of these chairs can be made from a single 4’x8′ sheet of 3/4″ plywood with minimal material loss.

Two hinges are needed to make the chair work. Use sturdy piano hinges, (1) 6 inch and (1) 10 inch. Sand and stain the wood to your aesthetic preference.

The strength of the chair relies on the strength of the hinges so be especially attentive to screw and hinge selection and attachment.

To fold open, lift the seat and tilt the back leg. Then slide the notches together. The chair stays open under the weight of the seat and occupant.

I’ve not built this design yet. You can download the PDF version of this plan free now.

Free Download

Flat Folding Tiny House Chair - 3D view Flat Folding Tiny House Chair - front and back folded Flat Folding Tiny House Chair - side geometry detail Flat Folding Tiny House Chair - dimensions Flat Folding Tiny House Chair - notch and corner radius detail

12 thoughts on “Flat Folding Chair

  1. A Knesal says:

    Best too use a quality hardwood plywood of (7) plies or more of Premium or Cabinet grade. Plywood with solid hardwood veneer core plies should be used.

    The chair design is brilliant, but I wonder how stable it is in use.

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Agreed – on the use of high quality of plywood.

      When I build it I’ll definitely post video of it in use. I can also definitely see making refinements once I’ve sat in it a bit and other folks have chimed-in with feedback.


  2. Stuart Richards says:

    I am not able to download the plans at all. I receive an email with a zero total (free) but there is no attachment.

    If you then go to download it just does the same thing.

    Has anyone received these free plans?

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