Free Plans – 8×8 Tiny House v.3

Last night I posted version 2 of this free house plan but I had missed a couple of important things, windows in the loft and a materials list. I think this will be the final version of this plan except for minor corrections if they are needed. After getting some very good feedback I’ve decided to draw up an 8×16 Tiny House for my next set of free plans. It will have a simple passive solar design and shed roof, much like Elizabeth Turnbull’s tiny house, but I will try to show how to keep the cost to build very low. Here is the link for the latest version of the 8×8 Tiny House Plans.

Download Free House Plans – 8×8 Tiny House v.3


15 thoughts on “Free Plans – 8×8 Tiny House v.3

  1. J.D. says:

    I can’t wait!

    With the slant roof, the potential for a Mod design is very possible. Larger and longer windows like the Micro Compact House perhaps? Dark wood paneling with metal or aluminum moldings would add a nice touch.

  2. Kieran says:

    How wonderful of you! Thank you for this.

    Also, thank you for answering my questions that I’d posted last night. I recently bought a few books for (ideal) preparation of undertaking such a project:

    Black & Decker: Complete Guide to Wiring
    Black & Decker: Complete Guide to Plumbing
    House Framing: Plan, Design, Build

  3. Michael Janzen says:

    I think a wood stove is possible but difficult because they require more spacing around them and fireproof surfaces. The last time I installed one I remember it coming with some specifications that describe how far from walls and what kind of flooring etc was acceptable. Be sure to follow the manufacturers specs and common sense. I’d also look for the smallest stoves possible.

    Kent at tiny house blog did a good post a while back on this topic. Check it out.

  4. Kieran says:

    A question regarding a tiny house, like the one you intend to design: is it improbable to have a small woodstove inside of one?

  5. Michael Janzen says:

    Might be a typo. You could use either. for the walls… you could even go 1/2″ on the walls. The roof and floor I’d suggest keeping at 3/4 or thicker.

  6. Jeff says:

    Thanks for posting this — I saw the 5/8″ plywood listed on the materials list, but it looks like you’ve listed everything in the drawings as 3/4″…. did I miss something?


  7. Sarah Walsh says:

    Hi, great stuff on this website. I like your designs.
    I plan on building a tiny house in the fall. I need to put it on a trailer in case I ever need to move locations, and, I need a design for a 10×10 or a 8×12. Do you know where I could find one of these plans? I am trying to build a tiny home on a 5,000$ budget and it needs to be canadian winter cozy.

    Thanks a bunch for any links you can provide!

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Ironically I’m working on a simple 8×12 house on skids right now and should have the plans available any time. I’m calling it the Skid House because it seems like an ideal place to flop or take shelter. It also sits on 4×6 skids. It should be super inexpensive to build and could be loaded on a flatbad trailer with a winch.

      I also have a 10x10x10 house in mind. You might want to check Peter King out too, he doesn’t sell plans but he’s very funny and has a great little cabin design.


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