Help Write Tiny Houses into the Building Code!

With all the talk about tiny houses being illegal, one might wonder if they’ll every be widely accepted. Truth be told they are not illegal everywhere… just not understood. Well… that might be about to change with your help and a lot of hard work by a core team of tiny house folks. The tiny house community is working up to a big event the weekend of October 22, 2016.

We have a shot at getting tiny houses written into the building code!

That’s a huge deal because it would make building tiny houses legal. Code & zoning – building & placement – are THE two road blocks tiny housers face. This would remove one of the 2 roadblocks.

Do you support alternative ways to live?

You can help us. We have assembled a team to speak at the ICC (Int’l Code Council) in Kansas City. Many others are traveling to be there to show support by their presence. In addition to speaking, we are presenting this petition to show national support.

Will you please sign it & share it?

It obligates you to nothing, just takes a moment and it’s free, and it supports your minimalist friends in the #tinyhousetribe. We can really use your help.

Learn more at and sign the petition!


6 thoughts on “Help Write Tiny Houses into the Building Code!

  1. chris says:

    Sure,as a tiny house builder would welcome ,that way with a code in place,our endeavours may be accepted more readily. Living in Canada codes will vary. from USA. IE if Trump puts up a wall,how high will the gate be. LOL. Seriously a good idea.

  2. Marsha .cowan says:

    I was a licensed contractor years ago and dealt with the 2″ thick red code book, the 1″ thick gypsom plywood codebook, the OSHA law book, and the handicapped accesibility book. I am telling you, once you get people writing codes on tiny houses, you will wish you had never opened that Pandora’s box. Soon all we will see in our tiny hoses blogs are stick built versions of mobile homes, not the creative tiny houses that are out there now. Many people will be blocked from building from recycled materials because it won’t meet the code. How many builders do you know that use recycled materials in regular house builds? It is usually only allowed in some exterior finishes. Codes will drive up the costs of tiny houses just like the regular house market has been driven up, and soon only the wealthy will be able to afford them, but that is good for the comercial tiny house builders, isn’t it? Just like it was good for the licensed contractors years ago when building codes were introduced that drove artisans out of business. I am all for legalizing tiny houses, but why does it have to be attached to codes? RVs were legalized without codes.

    • ks1233 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Marsha.cowan! Once the government gets their hands on this, they’ll have a field day with it. They are notorious for ruining EVERYTHING that they touch, just look at past history. What would seem to start out relatively innocent, innocuous and all for the “good of the people”, will turn out to be a nightmare in disguise. Don’t we already have enough government intervention in our lives as it is? Mark my words and take heed, if you allow this to happen you will truly live to regret it!

  3. Loretta Kivett says:

    I sell what is know as storage buildings. However, the ones we sell are far from your typical building. The studs are 16″ on center in our buildings and the new LP Smart Siding that we have on the buildings make them superior to most in build quality. Add to that that you can have them built in the manner you want with options on windows, doors, porches, interior walls, and many more extras. I would love to be able to turn one of them into a tiny house for my own use. We have had many customers who come in and custom order a building with the intention of using it for living in. Usually they are out in the country and don’t tell any of the county inspectors. It would be greeeeat to have it in our code that it is legal if built into our housing codes.

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