Laytonville 24 – Tiny House Plans

I’ve had so much fun designing the Laytonville 24. The primary feature of the house is a clerestory between two shed roofs. There is no loft, leaving the ceiling high and open. I intentionally omitted interior doors (except for the bathroom) because I wanted the clerestory windows to be visible the full length of the house to increase the spaciousness of the home.

Laytonville 24 Interior View from Kitchen

In the center of the house is a bathroom and hallway flanked by storage. The bathroom is found behind a pocket door and can have a 32″ shower, toilet, and wall mounted sink.

On one end of the house is the kitchen which has a window over the sink and is flanked by upper cabinets. Shown on the right is a two burner induction stove top and on the left, below the counter is a small refrigerator.

Laytonville 24 Floor Plan

You enter the house through french doors on the side of the house – they lead to the main living space which is shown here as a kitchen and dining table. But the space could also have multiple uses if the dining table folded away leaving just the sofa.

Laytonville 24 Interior Kitchen Dining

Like all my tiny house plans you have the flexibility to finish the house however you like, this is just one example. For example, the bed space in this design could have a sofa bed and be used as a living room during the day and a bedroom at night.

The Laytonville 24 has two 3/12 shed roofs and is 24-feet long. Shed roofs are the easiest to build – so owner builders will appreciate the easier build. The overall height and width of the Laytonville will also fit within the common road limit of 13′ 6″ tall, and 8′ 6″ wide – making it towable without special permits by a large pickup truck.

The trailer you select to build a tiny house of this size should have at least two 5,500 pound axles, electric breaks, and a properly sized hitch. I recommend using the trailers from Tiny Home Builders.

All of my gable, shed, and gambrel-roofed have interchangeable wall sections, extensions, and roofs. This house shares only the right wall with the gable-roofed houses and the lower portions of the short front and back walls.

The left (tall wall behind the clerestory) is a unique height. So this design is for the most part, not interchangeable with my other shed, gambrel, or shed roof plans. So if you want to mashup your own tiny house design using two or more of my designs, you’ll have to do that with other clerestory designs (coming soon!).

The downloadable plans include a PDF of the plans, the original SketchUp drawing, and a materials checklist to get you started on your shopping list.

Laytonville 24 Interior View from Kitchen

Laytonville 24 Side Laytonville 24 Front Door

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    • Michael Janzen says:

      The plans cost $29. The actual cost to build really depends on you and how you built it – or have it built. Typically I see folks build 24-foot homes for $25K to $30K. You’ll typically need to double that if you hire a professional builder.

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