More about my exploration with Google SketchUp Pro

My 8-hour free trial with Google SketchUp Pro and Google Layout must be almost at an end. I realized early on that I could continue to draw with the free 3D version on my laptop which allowed me to draw most of the 3D version without using the pro version. In installed SketchUp Pro on my desktop computer and it tool the place of the free version.

So far I’ve noticed very few features in the pro version of SketchUp worth paying $495 for except the ability to transfer images to Layout which is a real time saver. This feature alone would make this a must have program for a professional or serious amateur designer.

I’m still working through the details of how best to present the house plans in Layout like adding notes and dimensions. I’ll keep at it until my time runs out and will use the pro version only for making the final 2D drawings. In the mean time here are a few sample of what I have so far. Remember these 2D drawings took only minutes and a few mouse clicks to make once the 3D drawing was ready.




I’ve also found that it’s essential to draw each piece of lumber as a separate component and put the walls into separate layers. This makes it much easier to export the 2D drawings to Layout. I’ve also been told that it makes it easier to calculate the amount of lumber needed but I havn’t quite figured that part out yet.

Here are a couple more views of the 3D drawing with a some layers turned off to show how easy it is to show and hide certain parts of the drawing while you’re working on it. You may also find my newest Google SketchUp file handy for exploring how the components and layers work.



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