Murphy Bed in the 8×20 Solar House

I’m still making small edits to the next version of the house plans but I wanted to share a better picture of the murphy bed. It’s a queen size bed mounted horizontally. This allows some space to walk around side of the bed past the main windows but more importantly allows the whole thing to fit under the ceiling. The bed is a bit higher than normal so that it clears the wheel well. I’ve also included the latest Google SketchUp file in case you want to take a closer look.

wall bed out

wall bed in

14 thoughts on “Murphy Bed in the 8×20 Solar House

  1. rbaross says:

    You could add a couch to the bottom side of the bed, which would then fold under when you pull down the bed, and make the murphy even more useful.

  2. billcunningham says:

    I like the desk option too. This gives you even more value per sq. foot than just bedspace. At the very least the bottom of the bed is a large canvas for some artwork…

  3. ej says:

    the desk/table built in to the bottom of the bed seems like a good idea. otherwise you are just trading bed for wall space.

    all interesting design considerations, tho. the murphy bed gives you more open floor space, while sacrificing storage under the bed.

    i can't find the pic but i've seen a tiny house with a bed that could be hoisted out of the way to the ceiling, leaving room underneath for a table.

  4. Plus46 says:

    Nice design, similar to this site:
    Love Murphy beds, great design. I like the DIY, where you can build and fit the bed into the area nicely.

    I appreciate from your design, you are aiming this sketch for a trailer, but if you designed a bed for a cabin why not utilise the floor, or under the floor? Are there laws to having storage in the floors as well as a large bed?
    I often see people placing beds in lofts, but why not sink a large bed in the floor. You could then use a winch, like a boat winch to lift the floor up and cover when not in use. The idea I have is to make the under-floor bed space a little larger, so you can include a step and a little space next to the bed. ;~D

    Making the piles higher and obviously well insulating the under-floor areas.

    You are doing some good work on sketchup ;~D


  5. Tim R says:

    What about a hanging bed that could be winched up during the day? Then you could put a window in the wall by the bed for cross airflow. A hanging bed can also be rocked back and forth by pushing on the wall with your foot creating it's own airflow. Something like this:

    It doesn't have to be a round bed.

  6. michaeljanzen says:

    Interesting idea Tim. Thanks for including the link.

    It would be a space saver especially with a tall ceiling. I'm pretty sure the roof could hold the weight. It would also be easy to put the mattress at an incline for those that need that; just pull the ropes up higher on one side.

  7. michaeljanzen says:

    I will add a desk/table to the back side. That is a very good idea. I like the sofa/seating idea too. I'll see if I can do both. Trouble is that it would be tough to have both… although a booth-like set-up might work. hmmmmm? 🙂

  8. jeanetteoverton says:

    Thank you so much for the murphey bed design. That really looks simple to build and that is what I was after along with it being out of the way.

  9. James says:

    Michael, my uncle is preparing to begin floor framing, and he was wondering if there is a reason you switched directions on the floor joists between the wheel wells…?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. michaeljanzen says:

    Hi James. It just seemed stronger to me since there would be more connections (screws/nails) between the two ends. But if he has some builder's experience to mix in go for it.

  11. Carol says:

    We lived in a semi truck with a bed that folded to the wall like yours…under it was a fold down table and 2 bench seats. But a fold down table and moveable folding chairs would be better.

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