The Talmage is a 20-foot long tiny house on wheels with a 10/12 pitch gable roof with two long 3/12 pitch shed dormers. It has a bathroom sized to fit a 32″ square shower stall, composting or standard toilet, and small wall mounted sink. Like the Covelo design the bathroom and kitchen are placed at the center of this house but no dividing walls are used – so this space would feel much more open. A sleeping loft above the kitchen and bathroom provide enough space for a queen sized mattress. Four operable windows in the shed roof dormers would provide ventilation and more headroom in the loft. Also like the Covelo design, the loft space is also only accessible from the back room. The front door is inset like the Caspar design, with a small alcove to the side perfect for a desk or built-in seat.

Included in this tiny house plan download are three files: (1) digital copy (.pdf) framing plan, (2) a materials list (.xls), and (3) the original SketchUp 3D drawing (.skp).


Talmage 20 Tiny House Exterior Front Left

Talmage 20 Tiny House Exterior Back Right

Talmage 20 Tiny House Floor Plan Lower Level

Talmage 20 Tiny House Floor Plan Upper Level

Talmage 20 Tiny House Living Room from Kitchen

Talmage 20 Tiny House Interior Back Room

Talmage 20 Tiny House Interior Kitchen

Talmage 20 Tiny House Interior itchen from Front Room

Made for Owner Builders

Tiny Houses are often as unique as their owners. Knowing this… I wanted to make it easier for owner-builders to edit my designs and build their own tiny dream homes. To make this possible I redrew all my tiny house on wheels plans with compatible parts, like bay windows, dormers, and roofs. Now owner-builders can choose how they want to mash-up their own tiny house design.

Standards Based

I also drew heavily on the American Tiny House Association’s Construction Guidelines and great tiny house construction books and how-to videos to help ensure my designs followed quality industry standards.

Plans Include

These plans are delivered as an online download. Each of the tiny house on wheels plans include:

  1. A Printable PDF copy of the plans,
  2. The original SketchUp file, and
  3. A materials worksheet list.


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