Potter Valley 24 – Tiny House Plans

The Potter Valley is a 24-feet long tiny house and features two roof styles and an entry porch. One side of the house has a clerestory between two opposing 3/12 pitched roofs. The other side of the roof has a 3/12 pitch which provides a lot of added headroom in the sleeping loft.

The ceiling is high enough in this design to use a staircase to access the loft. In this example, an alternating step Tansu style staircase is shown. Measured plans for this staircase are not included in the plans, but you’ll find a detailed drawing in the SketchUp file if you want to dig into it. To open the SketchUp file you’ll need a free copy of SketchUp Make.

Below the loft a bathroom and kitchen with ample counter space and a full height refrigerator is shown. The bathroom is sized to accommodate a 32″ shower, wall mounted sink, and your choice of a toilet – composting, RV, or standard. The loft is open and has five small windows for ventilation and light.

Potter Valley Exterior Side

Potter Valley Interior view from Loft

In the center of the home, across from the staircase can be a long sofa made from 2’x2′ module storage boxes. This is a common approach for tiny house seating because the boxes can be slid into different configurations depending on the immediate need.

You enter the house through a front door inset into a covered porch. This door opens onto a space that can double as a small home office workspace. But it can also be a place to allow folks to remove their jackets and shoes before entering the house – a true entry room.

Like all my tiny house plans you have the flexibility to finish the house however you like, this is just one example. For example, the center portion of this design is just a large room that measures about 7½ feet by 15½ feet. While I show it with a kitchen, stairs, and sofa you could design your own space within this open area.

Potter Valley Tiny House Floor Plan

Potter Valley Tiny House Interior from Kitchen

Potter Valley Tiny House Interior from Desk

The overall height and width of the Potter Valley will also fit within the common road limit of 13′ 6″ tall, and 8′ 6″ wide – making it towable without special permits by a large pickup truck.

The trailer you select to build a tiny house of this size should have at least two 5,500 pound axles, electric breaks, and a properly sized hitch. I recommend using the trailers from Tiny Home Builders.

Some of the parts of this house are interchangebale with my other tiny house plans. So if you want to mashup your own tiny house design using two or more of my designs.

The downloadable plans include a PDF of the plans, the original SketchUp drawing, and a materials checklist to get you started on your shopping trip.

Potter Valley Tiny House Loft

Potter Valley Tiny House Bathroom

Potter Valley Tiny House Interior Kitchen

Potter Valley Tiny House Exterior Back Left

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  1. Hunter says:

    Mike, Love this design. if i put this on a foundation the bedroom height could be 6 to 10 feet higher with an overhead fan. Is this a correct thought on my part? if its built on the final location and is permanently there, i don’t see a problem unless high winds were in the area. top heavy possible? your thoughts and ideas please.? really am crazy for this layout. thanks,

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