How Would You Review 101 Tiny House Designs?

The first review on my new book (101 Tiny House Designs)  just came in… and it’s from Tiny House Blogger Alex Pino. Take a look at the review posted on Amazon.

Have you gotten an eBook copy yet? What do you think?  If so tell the community what you think on Amazon.

Waiting for the print version? Wait no longer… it’s available to order on Amazon now.

Also available is a Tiny House Coloring Book based on the designs in 101 Tiny House Designs.


6 thoughts on “How Would You Review 101 Tiny House Designs?

  1. Mary McGuirk says:

    You have been doing all the right things to develop a great reputation for quality for your company and for Tiny Homes. Keep up the good work. I wish you great success. Tiny living is not just a fad, it is the way to get out of the expensive urban living and with a 3 season porch that can be taken down and moved with the seasons, it is possible to have comfortable and affordable living in the Midwest in the summer and the South in the winter.

  2. Sandy Samens says:

    I’m enjoying it EVERY day/I found a few that come close to what I want and need. I was a draftsperson/designer and have started plans on my future hopeful tiny handicap motorhome or bus. I’m in a nursing home now. I think with a little help from a caregiver 7-14 hours a week, I could manage a HELL of a lot cheaper and maybe even better than I am now. I want it all-in-one. I want to be able to hire a driver and relocate at times. When I die, the children can sell the motorbus and divide the proceeds. What can they divide from this 5K month assisted living home but the high-rent receipts.

  3. Mary Sharp says:

    Love my copy! Bought a copy the first day it was available. It has provided me with many great ideas. Even some good ways to arrange furniture space wise. Sure would like to have access to those tiny house stencils that we’re mentioned in the tiny house prize package too!

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