Sample Floor Plans for the 8×28 Coastal Cottage

The Coastal Cottage is an 8′ by 28′ tiny house that can be built on or off a trailer. It features a bay window and small covered porch up front as well as two sleeping lofts. I’ve not included floor plans in my tiny house plans in the past but in the last two months have gotten many requests to begin adding them. When I update my tiny house plans all previous buyers are sent an update link automatically, so if you’ve bought the Coastal Cottage plans in the past you should also have an email from Tiny House Design with the updated download link. If not, please let me know.

Below are 8 examples of what can be done with this size home. Click on the thumbnail images to view each floor plan. You can buy a complete set of these tiny house plans for $9.95. Learn more about the Coastal Cottage.

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12 thoughts on “Sample Floor Plans for the 8×28 Coastal Cottage

  1. Lisa says:

    I REALLY like this plan. My only change would be moving the door to the side right by where the ‘hallway’ entry must stay clear to get to the kitchen and bathroom. That way you’re combining the spaces that must be clear for traffic, eggress/ingress instead of taking up the precious little square footage by spreading those places about the floorplan. That’s totally my personal preference and not a complaint, by the way.

    The front porches are adorable and i truly love them, but the doorway placements usually end up taking up not only valuable square footage but they also remove an opportunity for a small little living area (like in the plan above) to actually be a ‘destination’ as opposed to a walk-thru.

    I’ve been following your website, videos and work for several months and really, really like what you’re doing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing some floor plans — it’s so helpful to visualize the proposed spacial layout.

  2. di says:

    In the bathroom, try a small 12″ corner sink without a vanity. Store rolled towels and cosmetic baskets on narrow shelving over the toilet.

  3. Eric Schrader says:

    Forget the dishwasher, delete the 2 burner cooktop and add a 20″ wide 4 burner/oven combo that is known as “apartment” size. A slightly radical idea for the bath would be to replace the small shower stall with the stackable washer/dryer combo and install a much bigger shower in the space vacated by the W/D and open up the space next to it. Cut back the size of the vanity. Instead of vanity counter space, put in a tall linen cabinet 12-18″ wide and the depth of the countertop at about 24″ deep.

  4. di says:

    For convenience, try an entry door near a kitchen counter. When entering a home with groceries, just place them on the counter top.

  5. Janeah says:

    I’m wondering what comes included with the purchase of this floor plan? My husband and I are still in the (in depth) research phase of our future tiny house. We dont have a TON of experience in building…..anything. We know plenty of people in construction, so we can get insight, but I want to make sure that we have everything we need to start the saving/buying process. Ive seen plans running around $300, so am I getting JUST the floor plan here? Thanks for all the info so far. Ive been spending hours with your plans and dreaming about what our tiny house will have!

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