Simple Flat Folding Chair

The other day I posted a more complex design for this flat folding chair. That design has more curved corners making it a a bit less angular. This design is bare bones and shows the simple concept better. In a nutshell you take a 2′ x 3′ piece of furniture grade plywood and turn it into a chair by cutting it up and add two piano hinges.

The trick to making it work is the placement and size of the locking notches. These keep the chair open when folded into place. When the chair is not in use it simply folds flat and is stored away. It takes up slightly less storage space than a normal folding chair, and looks a lot cooler 🙂

I plan to build this chair soon and will post a how-to video when I do. So be sure to subscribe by email to get that update.

Flat Folding Chair v2 Plans

4 thoughts on “Simple Flat Folding Chair

  1. Kristine B. says:

    I liked your first design and enjoyed the style, this one not so much, more due to some engineering issues. Anytime you have a sharp corner in a sheet product you make a stress riser. Where your legs are formed on the seat back you have a sharp corner this is going to be a point of failure. If you were to give the inside corners an radii of say one inch you would lower the stress at this point by at least half.

    A friend and I are planning of making a few of these chairs for deck chairs for use on our boats because they take up so little space. We both agreed that the corners would be the weak spot of the design. On the seat back/front legs it’s an easy fix with a hardwood strip running down the side edges. The back legs are a little more of a problem, but not something that can’t be worked around, like say a doubler made of plywood with the wood grain at a 45 degree angle. The plywood that you use needs to have a high ply count, 5 ply is not likely to make the grade.

    Again, a very nice and elegant design that fits the needs of someone working with a small space, and where to put things in that space.

  2. Gordon says:

    I like the idea of the hole in the center top so you could hang them out of the way. Easily added to this, thanks

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