Size Comparison: 10×42 vs. 8×36 Tiny Houses

10-foot wide tiny houses on wheels are growing in popularity. The extra 2-feet in width really open up the interior space – and for those that don’t need to move their houses often, the larger size isn’t a problem.

When trailers are over 8.5 feet, an oversize load permit is needed. Permits for towing oversized trailers that are under 10-feet wide are easy to get and to roads you’re allowed to travel on are not as limited as larger oversized loads. A 10-foot wide tiny house on wheels fits into a sweet spot for oversize towing and give you the extra space for living.

I recently published new tiny house plans, the Carrack 1042 (~10′ x 42′). I’ll soon be publishing it’s little brother, the Carrack 836 (~8.5′ x 36′). Pictured here are the two designs shown side by side. These are both large tiny homes – far bigger than Jay Shafer’ 8×16 tiny house that helped launch the Tiny House Movement.

Notice the width of the Carrack 1042 (below) behind the full size pickup truck. The narrower Carrack 836 (above) can be legally towed without a permit.
The extra width provides more room for a larger dining room table in the Kitchen/Dining main room.
The wider width provides more space in the loft, and closet space in the hallway.
The extra length and width make the living room more spacious and would more easily accommodate multiple uses like a agues bedroom. The sofa shown in the narrower version is about 6 inches shorter than the wider design.
The bedroom in the wider design allows for a king size bed to be accessed from both sides. In the narrower house the bed is turned 90-degrees and the space is cramped. A queen or full size bed would fit better.
From the exterior you can see that they are both large tiny homes and visually not much different in size. Both homes should be towed with a heavy duty full size pickup truck (or larger). The wider house needs an oversize permit to move from place to place.

The house plans for the Carrack 1042 are available now and cost only $39. The Carrack 836 will be available later this week.

What do you think? Should tiny houses remain tiny, or are these larger homes more usable? Tell us below in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Size Comparison: 10×42 vs. 8×36 Tiny Houses

  1. Paul salvaterra says:

    10 feet allows for bedroom with queen bed and 2 feet on each side! Very liveable for a couple. The design could be nicely used on permanent foundation
    The design gives good ideas
    On a perm foundation 10 or 12 feet wide and one story super easy to build.

  2. John says:

    Since I plan to put my tiny houses on my property moving them is not in my plans so I think the 10×42 would be perfect for me.

  3. hunter says:

    great to see them side by side…..grew up in an 8×40 mobile home as a kid….4 people…we did just fine…..

    • MK says:

      I rented a trailer while in grad school which worked out fine for my boyfriend and me. It must have been 8 x 20 or 30? I never thought to measure it! This was before the Tiny House movement hit. I am trying to remember the floor plan to re-create something similar for a tiny house.

  4. Mary says:

    I think the larger homes would be much more realistic for long time living. Sure would like to know more about the towing permit that would be required and how expensive it would be to move one day per mile or something.

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