Steel Tiny House Kits

You can now order a steel framing kit for any of our tiny house designs. The houses are designed by Michael Janzen. The kits are manufactured by the folks at Volstrukt – the leading steel tiny house frame manufacturer in North America.

What is it?

It’s a steel panel kit with walls, roof, loft, and floor that you assemble with screws. The panels are delivered to your worksite, ready to assemble on top of your tiny house trailer. Once assembled you have a complete frame or shell that’s ready to finish however you like.


Steel framing is a strong, affordable, light weight alternative to wood. The panels are delivered assembled so all you do is screw them together. This is the perfect option for do-it-yourselfers that want to jumpstart their tiny house build and end up with a tiny house that’s durable and easier to tow.


As you would expect, the cost of each design will vary depending on the specific design and the options you select. We can work-up an estimate for any of these designs in about 10 to 14 days. Below is an example to give you an idea of the prices to expect.

Pricing Example

Pictured here is the Leggett 24. Below are the available options and corresponding prices.  The total cost of construction is comparable to wood but the end result is lighter, stronger, and faster to build.  No special skills are needed to assemble the panels. As you can see the materials cost is higher than wood, but the labor cost is far lower making the total cost comparable.


  • $4,900 — Leggett 24′ Panelized Exterior Walls + Loft
  • $800 — Leggett 24′ Panelized Interior Walls
  • $1,100 — Leggett 24′ Panelized 2×4 Floor System
  • $300 — Erection Hardware
  • $285 — Anchoring Hardware

Sheathing Options

  • $2,185 — Lightweight R-Sheathing Package, or
  • $2,825 — Zip System R-Sheathing Package

Trailer not included.

Available Designs

Below are the currently available designs. They can be customized to meet your needs. Wood framed house plans are also available. Click through each image to learn more about a specific design.

Philo 12

Manchester 14

Albion 16

Anchor Bay 16

Cleone 16

Calpella 18

Caspar 20

Covelo 20

Navarro 20

Talmage 20

Boonville 24

Comptche 24

Laytonville 24

Leggett 24

Little River 24

Potter Valley 24

Redwood Valley 24

Westport 24

Ordering & Production Process

Each tiny house kit is made to the owner-builder’s specifications. The high level purchase process is outlined below.

  1. Select a design.
  2. Work with tiny house designer Michael Janzen to make any modifications. This will also include the identification of a tiny house trailer (purchased separately by the owner-builder) to ensure it matches the wall frames perfectly.
  3. Determine shipping needs and location. Shipping costs will be calculated separately. A ballpark estimate can be created by multiplying $1.75 by the number of miles between your job site to Austin, TX.
  4. Approve the design.
  5. Pay a $500 deposit to generate customized detailed estimate.
  6. Review the estimate.
  7. Approve the estimate and pay 50% (minus the $500 deposit) of the total cost of the project.
  8. Steel wall frame kit is manufactured.
  9. When wall frame kit is ready to ship another 40% is due.
  10. Order is shipped.
  11. Final 10% is due upon delivery.
  12. Owner-builder assembles the kit on top of their tiny house trailer and their build is off and running.


If you’d like to know more about ordering a tiny house kit, contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required to ask questions by email.