Stencils & Bullet Journal

These stencils make it easy & fun to draw a tiny house design with pen & paper. It’s a set of two, in 1/4 inch scale, and they are precisely laser cut from thick 3mm clear acrylic.

The bullet journal makes it easier to draw your own tiny house plans with or without stencils when you follow the guidelines and dotted grid. They help you draw accurate floor plans, elevations, and cross sections. The scale is also 1/4 inch per foot. Tiny houses on wheels up to 38-feet in length can be drawn. The bullet journals measure 8 1/2″ x 11″ and have 100 sheets.

The Tiny House Design Bullet Journals are available now on in four colors, Flat BlackBlueSea Foam Green, and White.

To launch these new stencil designs we’re running a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to raise enough money to produce the stencils at the lowest cost for you. Learn how to get a set of stencils via Kickstarter.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, the process is simple. When you back a project it’s kind of like preordering and new product for a discounted price. By supporting the project you’re also helping a maker (like me) launch a new product. But to successfully launch a new product we need to reach a certain number of sales. If for some reason we don’t reach our goal, you keep your money, so there’s really no risk.

But once we reach the monetary goal and the end of the campaign period (mid-July in this case), Kickstarter releases the money to us and we produce and ship your stencils. Backers of this project will receive their stencils in August 2018.

For more details and to pre-order your stencils, visit our Tiny House Design Stencil Campaign on Kickstarter.

4 thoughts on “Stencils & Bullet Journal

  1. Lloyd Mercer says:

    Kickstarter indicates that the campaign timed out (very unfortunate). I think that both the stencils and bullet journals are a tremendous idea and very promising. I was only too late in seeing it to have been a part. If the stencils become available for sale in the future or if another campaign is launched, please keep my e-mail and let me know. Thank you greatly for the design of these!

    • Michael Janzen says:

      It was my first Kickstarter attempt and all-in-all actually worked out – although as you mentioned I didn’t meet the goal. But I did connect with a lot of cool people who like what I’m doing and I’ve found a way to produce the stencils anyway – not as inexpensively as I’d hoped but close. I’ve setup a Etsy Store where you can pre-order them. They should start shipping around August 1, 2018. Here’s the link:

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