Tiny House Design Mashup

People that build their own tiny houses almost always customize something from the original plans. Sometimes they even use the plan as a guide and build something completely different. For example, check out this Tiny Community Center tour video and listen to what Zee Kesler says about her house and the original plans. In a nutshell, she bought a plans from Tumbleweed but with the help of friends completely redesigned it as they built.

Knowing that this is common, and that people really want custom homes, I made it a point to make the tiny house on wheels plans I draw compatible with each other. I also include the original SketchUp drawing with each plan now, so those that want to get their hands dirty with pixels and drawing plans can wreak havoc and make their own custom designs.

So now it’s a lot easier to mashup your own tiny house design from my plans. In this example I show how you can take the Calpella’s front porch and deep front eave and literally paste it into the 24-foot Little River. The little river has a bedroom on the lower level plus a loft over the kitchen & bath. With this simple modification it now has a small front porch to better welcome guests.

In the 10-minute video below I show exactly what it takes to move the front of the Caspar to the longer Little River. I also make it easier to buy multiple plans by offering bulk discounts. See my Tiny House Plans page for details and discount coded.

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