Tiny House For Sale in Kansas City

Ron and Crystal are selling this newly constructed tiny house via craigslist. You can see photos of the building process on Picasa. The house is located in Kansas City and they are selling it for $22,500.

It’s built on a stout trailer that measures about 23-feet in length. It features a tankless water heater, RV hookups, a washer/dryer, kitchen sink and range, shower, and space for a composting or portable toilet.


9 thoughts on “Tiny House For Sale in Kansas City

  1. kim glynn says:

    Hi there. I am very interested in this beautiful tiny home. I am unfortunately in VT and was wondering if you hadan idea on how much this would be to transport that distance.
    HAPPY new year to you…


  2. Heidi says:

    I wish there was a way to see the interior. Even if it’s sold already, it’s always inspiring to see how different spaces are designed. 🙁

  3. Johanna Wilson says:

    Ron, we emailed a few times back when the house was under contract to another buyer last winter. Did that fall through? Is it available? Seriously interested here in Wichita. Johanna

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