Tiny Prefab Free Plans

This design has been retired and is no longer available.

The storms raging across half of the United States are a terrible reminder of nature’s power – and how our homes are not always up to the task of shielding us to the level we need. I imagine most folks are busy preparing for storms to hit while some are already working hard to pick up the pieces. Hang in there folks. Our prayers are with you.

Back in 2009 I drew up a set of free plans for a do-it-yourself prefab shelter. The plans can help you build structures that measure 8×8, 8×12, 8×16, 8×20, etc. These plans are a micro-version of my Tiny Prefab ebook.

I thought this would be a good moment to reintroduce these free plans and invite you to download a copy. I imagine building materials are going to be in short supply after the storms clear, but with an action plan in place you might be able to quickly get the things you need to setup a temporary shelter.



3 thoughts on “Tiny Prefab Free Plans

  1. Daniel says:


    I am sorry, but I do not get the way the panels get attached together using the spline.
    Perhaps a shot of the wall or floor showing the details would help.

    Thank you!


    • Ajp says:

      Google biscuit joint, spline jointing is similar but bigger. A loose piece of plywood fits in to a rebate in each panel frame, linking them together. Hope that helps…

  2. Don Bodenbach says:

    Yes we can’t control nature’s power. All we have to do is to be prepared in any situation and pray.

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