Coming This Summer… The Ultimate Tiny House Builders Collection

Let me run an idea past you… I’d love to hear what the tiny house community thinks about this idea.

I’ve been writing about the tiny house movement since 2008, and over the years I’ve learned a lot from my readers. For example I know what kind of articles you want me to write, what kinds of houses you want me to design, which features you want in your tiny house, and that interior photos are more important than exterior.

This time I’m working on a new book that will contain the best professionally built tiny houses in catalog format – but the book will be high quality, not like a cheap catalog. My goal is to put every tiny house builder in the book to make it easy to search for the best tiny house for you.

4 Benefits for Tiny House Buyers

  • Research Tool – By putting them all in the same place we should help make searching for a tiny house much easier. Would you like a single place to go to find your dream tiny home?
  • Ad Free Website – There will also be an ad-free companion website for those that prefer to browse online. Would you prefer an ad-free website?
  • Full Color Print Book – The book will be filled with high quality full color images. We’ve found that people really enjoy being able to hold a physical book in their hands when thinking through their dream tiny home – do you agree?
  • Like a Tiny Home Show – It’s like a virtual & print Tiny Home Show – a one-stop shop for tiny houses. Real home shows are great because you get to touch, smell, and see houses in person, but doing the preliminary search to narrow the field should save a lot of time. Right?

4 Benefits to Tiny House Builders

  • More Exposure – The most common question I hear from readers is, “Where can I find a tiny house near me?” The second most common question I hear is, “Can you send me a catalog?” People want to find you. They want to see and experience the homes you build. It’s just tough to find you.
  • Level Playing Field – The tiny house builders that get noticed online spend the most time & money marketing themselves. This adds an option for everyone to get seen side-by-side.
  • Pays You Back –  Instead of paying for a short-lived ad or a single home show, participation in Tiny House Collection will keep delivering a steady flow of exposure because people keep books, and more people will buy it every month expanding the audience.
  • Leverage Our Existing Network – We’ll be blogging about the tiny houses in the book, proving more detail, and the backstory behind each house because that’s what people want to know. Our current social media follower base is: Facebook (356.1K), Google+ (270K), Twitter (24.8K), Tumblr (23.3K), Pinterest (7.8K), Instagram (2.2K).

What do you think? Do you like the idea or hate it?

Post a comment below telling me what you’re thinking – and any suggestions you have for making it better. I’m all ears and this is just getting started – nothing is set in stone.

P.S. The image above is a mockup of the cover. The actual cover will use the most popular photo from the book. I’ll actually use social media and public voting to pick the best cover design.

15 thoughts on “Coming This Summer… The Ultimate Tiny House Builders Collection

  1. Cindi Williams says:

    There is so much interest in tiny houses, but until states, then towns/cities change zoning laws, it’s illegal to put them anywhere. I want one but live in Gloucester, MA

    • Michael Janzen says:

      It’s not illegal everywhere. If it’s RVIA certified you should be able to park it in a mobile home park.

      But there is still a major up hill climb to get them widely accepted. You’re absolutely right there.

    • K. says:

      Cook County, Minnesota, is a beautiful county on the shore of Lake Superior, and they are quite open to living in your tiny house on your own land full time.

    • K. says:

      Cook County, Minnesota – beautiful area and open to full time tiny house living on your own land.

  2. Sally Gardner says:

    Holding an actual book and being able to flip back and forth through it would be wonderful! I’d buy that!!!

  3. Hunter-Grace says:

    I really love this idea but i fall on the tail end of the income bracket (low fixed income from social security) at 70years of age I want to build my tiny in Missouri on land i am still paying on. will this book be priced where even I could afford it? ( Remember Mike I’m old and broke 🙂 )

    • Michael Janzen says:

      I think so. All the houses in the book will also be on the website, and you’ll be able to browse that for free. The website will also be ad-free – so no annoying distractions.

  4. Mick McCrary says:

    More ideas for using tiny houses for biz…..also biz room in front and compact living area in back.
    I have your first book with some designs…..but would like to see more. Thanks

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Great feedback, Thanks! …and… after the book this summer I’m planning on a second edition of Tiny House Floor Plans. I’m guessing that will be ready by the Holidays.

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