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  1. Carrie Monday says:

    My family built a 30×30 cabin in the middle of the piney woods in South Carolina. We worked on it for 7 years, just when we had the money and the time. It has one large room that includes a living space, and bedroom, kitchen and dining spaces. There’s also a bath and cedar closet. I was wondering how one gets their tiny houses featured on your website. I documented the entire building process with notes and photos, and everyone who sees it says it should be in a magazine. I can send photos and, I would be pleased to have your staff visit. I can be contacted at the above email address. Thanks for your time…Carrie Monday, Edgefield, SC.

    • Javin Mink says:

      Hi Carrie,
      My name is Javin Mink and I just discovered this Tiny House Design website yesterday. It sounds like you did exactly what I had been wanting to do for my retirement with my husband.
      I noticed your post and was curious to know if your documentation of the build and finished home was ever posted? If so I would love to see it. I originally noticed the small home concept on HGTV. Then The Discovery Channel premiered the tiny homes on the Extreme RV shows. That’s when I fell in love with the idea of living small. However, my husband is about 6’2 so the loft idea is not so appealing. I have been researching other options.Have you run into these road blocks too?
      Would love to hear back from you if you have time. :} Good luck in your new home!

      (If you are curious about my name Javin, I always say my parents have a sence of humor. (JAn & VINce) LOL

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