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Redefining the Trailer House

Randy has a blog called Mobile Kodgers where he writes about the freedom he finds on the road. Today Randy told the story of a long-time friend who lives in a private location on the Mogollon plateau in Arizona. The land she found is part of a giant failed real estate development where parcels regularly sell […]

Cob House in Arizona

I ran across this whimsical little cob house on YouTube the other night and was really impressed with the organic nature of the home. Here’s what they say about the home in the notes at YouTube: Construction took about 2 years. Inside area is about 230 sq. ft. (22 sq. meters), plus a sleeping loft […]

Tiny House Strawbale Workshop

The Canelo Project is a small non-profit organization dedicated to exploring truly sustainable living systems including housing. The founders, Athena and Bill Steen, are also well know authors of books like The Straw Bale House, Built By Hand, and Small Strawbale. Every year they teach workshops and offer tours of their homestead which is located […]

625 Square Foot Prefab

On of my readers, Thomas, passed this story onto me. It’s about a fellow named Aaron Jones who built a prefab kit home in Tucson, Arizona. The house was designed by architect Rocio Romero. The basic kit cost Aaron $22,050 and included the basic exterior shell of the home. The house took about 12 weeks […]