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Earthbag House Construction Resources

Owen Geiger and Kelly Hart at the Earthbag Building Blog have been busy posting a lot of great detailed information about how to build earthbag structures over the last few months. I’ve been really enjoying their 3D drawings, descriptions, and¬†learning the nitty gritty of how earthbag walls are really put together. Earthbag construction is a […]

Affordable & Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Homes

The more I learn about earthbag homes the more they seem to be one of the most sustainable and safe ways of building a home. The most recent evidence is a small earthbag home that survived the recent earthquakes in Haiti. I found the story of the Sun House at the Eathbag Building Blog as […]

Small Earthbag Home For $1000

I’m especially partial to low-cost housing solutions that push the envelope and demonstrate that a home doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant to provide it’s owner security and happiness. Owen Geiger recently posted an article on the Earthbag Building Blog that lists out the materials and cost for a 15-foot diameter earthbag home with […]