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  1. PAMELA PeCK says:

    I LOVE the Redwood Valley 24!! When it says included in the plans are “Sketch up 3d”….is that an easy program to use? There are a few changes I would definately change (although yours is wonderful…..). Just curious.


  2. Bruce Davis says:

    I really like your 3D-printed modeling kits. If you were to add components for a 32′ trailer, I would certainly purchase them. Other requests would include the option for a hip roof at one or both ends (at the same slope of an otherwise gabled roof) and loft sections in 2′ and 3′ increments allowing for a total loft space of almost any size. Variable length roof sizes would also allow diffferent combinations of “dormer” (low slope) sections and gable (“normal” slope) sections. Another thought would be the use of decals for windows and doors instead of having them 3-D printed to allow for custom placement of these elements. For someone like me, who struggles with learning and using Sketchup, your concept and production of actual models has so much potential! Thank you for your obvious hard work.

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