Tour of Bryce’s Tiny House on Wheels

Bryce shares his own tiny house on wheels.

You most likely recognize Bryce Langston from Living Big In A Tiny House. His YouTube Channel is one of the most popular Tiny House channels with over 1.8 million subscribers.

Bryce travels the world interviewing tiny home owners and filming their tiny homes. A few years ago he began building his own tiny home in New Zealand – and now it’s complete and ready to share.

Be sure to subscribe to Living Big In A Tiny House. He’ll soon be posting more technical details about the house.

Living space under loft looking toward kitchen.
Looking back toward living space.
Kitchen with storage loft above.
Large sink in kitchen.
Sink is covered most of the time.
Wood stove divides kitchen from living space.
Simple seating has storage. Stool also useful as small desk or table.
Bryce reviewing his new book, Living Big In A Tiny House.
Soon Bryce’s new book will be available world wide. Must have!
Bookshelf beside desk.
Desk in home office space.
Bathroom has glass shower. Composting toilet will be installed soon.
Stairs to loft are easy to climb. Last step is tall to make it easy to kneel into the loft.
Sleeping loft is cozy but head of bed has a view of the stars at night.
Abalone Seed of Life inlay details throughout house. Amazing Detail!

Bryce spends most of his time traveling, so this project has taken years to complete. He also had a lot of the work hand crafted by professionals. The total cost was 100,000 NZD (~65,000 USD). Luckily since the project was spread over time he was able to pay for each step along the way and now has a tiny home that’s mortgage free!

Bryce also has another tiny house which he uses for travel in the North America. He pulls that tiny house behind a converted ambulance.

Video and image credit to Living Big In A Tiny House.


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