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John’s Tiny House in the Woods

John, one of my readers, shared his tiny house project with me. It’s based on one of my free tiny house plans, the 8×16 Tiny Solar House, but instead of mounting it on a trailer and putting a lot of glass in the tall wall he built it on a foundation and added a 6′ by […]

Adam’s Tiny House Update

Adam is building a tiny house from one of my free house plans, the 8×16 tiny solar house to be specific. He recent moved from Spokane, Washington to Montana and plans to go back to school and study architecture. This house is an opportunity to build himself a place to live while getting some hands […]

Improved Solar Panel Set-Up

Honestly I’m trying to keep this simple, no really. I could just slap an RV photovoltaic (PV) panel rack on the roof and be done with it but it just seems like that would be harder to live with day-in and day-out. PV panels need to be kept clean and tilted toward the sun to […]

Alternate Solar Panel Integration – Tiny Solar House

I was up late last night drawing some Tiny Solar House updates that included a way of integrating photovoltaic solar panels into the design. This morning I’m thinking that my previous solution won’t work very well.Based on the early comments to the design I’m thinking I’m not alone either. So here’s another idea. What if […]

8×16 Free Tiny House Plans

It’s 1:00 AM and I just put the finishing touches on the first version of the 8×16 free tiny house plans. This house is designed to be an inexpensively built passive solar tiny house on a trailer. In the next few days I’ll draw up a few more interior layout variations that will include floor-to-ceiling […]

8×16 Free House Plans Coming Along Nicely

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my first post of this 8×16 tiny house plan. It was really great to see it through more eyes. I was also able to incorporate many of the suggestions and have really landed on something I think should be pretty nice. The tiny house configuration that […]

8×16 Free House Plans Preview

I had high aspirations of staying up late tonight and finishing the plans for the 8×16 free house plans, but I’m ready to drop. I’m also struggling with the height of the loft in this design and wanted to throw it out there for some feedback before I continue. I’m trying to design this tiny […]