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SkechUp 20-Foot Tiny House Shell Drawing

This downloadable SketchUp drawing is a bit different than a single component, it’s the shell of a house. It’s a much simpler drawing than a full plan which should make it easier to work on an overall design concept of your own. In other words it’s a good starting place to start designing and learning […]

8×20 Solar House Update… Free Plans Nearly Complete

For the past two weeks I’ve been test driving Google SketchUp Pro and have come to a simple conclusion. Unless you’re a professional I think you’ll be able to do much more than you’ve ever dreamed with the free version of SketchUp, including drawing house plans. Below is a quick video tour of my drawing […]

Which Tiny House Plans Should I Draw Next?

Which tiny house plans should I draw next? I warmed up on some smaller plans and now I’m ready to try something a little more complicated. Each of these tiny houses would sit on a 7′ x 20′ trailer and is about 13′ tall. Each has it’s own character and I think they are different […]