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Peter Downsized for a Debt Free Tiny Retirement

Peter Matheson lives in a tiny house on wheels in Grand Forks, British Columbia. It’s an incredibly small home – only 120 square feet – but has all the essentials for living full time. While volunteering at a cold weather shelter in Grand Forks, he was asked to help design spaces for the homeless. He […]

The Real [hidden] Value of Tiny Houses

Lauren, who blogs at Hipstercrite, recently wrote a fairly humorous, yet sarcastic review of the tiny house lifestyle — asking a bunch of good questions, albeit with a bit of a heavy-hand. Apparently the post was good for her blogging career, as it garnered her tons of traffic. While posts like that are entertaining to a degree, I think […]

Tiny Houses – Icons of Freedom

While the 4th of July technically marks the anniversary that America declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, I like to reflect on our country’s founding principles instead. In other words, remind myself that anything that inhibits our ability to achieve our dreams is an obstacle that is subject to removal. I also like […]