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DIY Prefab – 12’x12′ Storage Shed

Malcolm is putting his prefab experience and designs to the test with a 12′ by 12′ ¬†backyard storage shed project. Instead of using standard framing methods he’s building individual 4′ by 8′ wall panels on a prefabrication table that had alignment blocks attached to make assembly of the wall panels quick and easy. In this […]

Sustainable Architecture – The Benefits of Prefab

The other night I confessed my personal aesthetic¬†preference for earthen structures over modern prefab, while also admitting that those shiny metal boxes always catch my eye. Homes made from manufactured parts will never be as sustainable, low-impact, or low cost as earthen homes but they can provide some benefits earthen homes would be hard-pressed to […]

DIY Prefab – Design & Construction Resource

One of my long time readers, Malcolm White, has launched a blog that focuses entirely on do-it-yourself prefab topics. He was also especially helpful to me by providing valuable feedback and input on my ebook, Tiny Prefab. Most tiny prefab homes are sold as kits but there is a growing interest in do-it-yourself fabrication from […]