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Blee Cabin – Renovated Ruin

An old mill in southwestern France built in 1822 served as the basis of this small 2 bedroom, 215 square foot cabin. Londoners Anthony and Gillian Blee bought the property in 1981 and began the transformation in 2010 with the help of Blee’s design partner, Lee Halligan. They prefabricated panels that would fit in the back of […]

Nearly 500 Year Old Tiny House Village – Build By A Banker

My dad passed this Wall Street Journal story onto me today. It’s the story of Jakob Fugger, an extremely rich and influential banker that lived about 500 years ago. One of the philanthropic things he did was to build a village of small homes and apartments for people that needed them. The homes ranged in […]

Historic Mobile Chapel

A reader, Brent, passed this onto me. I really like running across historic tiny houses, especially tiny mobile houses. It’s nice to remember that our interest in tiny living is not new. In fact it IS how people have been living for generations. McMansions are just a recent distraction. I admit this is a little […]

Historical Shepherds Huts

I was just surfing around on shedworking.co.uk and found a link to a website dedicated to Old Shepherds huts.  This photo made me wonder… is this the original tiny tumbleweed house? It also made me realize (again) that we’re not really treading into new territory with the investigation into tiny mobile living; we’re actually taking […]