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Shotgun Houses & The Tiny Simple House

(Photo credit Wikipedia Commons) A shotgun house is a nickname for a long narrow house with sequential rooms and no hallway. The nickname comes from the idea that if you stood at the front door and fired a shotgun the buck would fly out the back door without hitting the house. These houses were commonly […]

Tiny Free House – Walls Half Way Up

I made more progress on my tiny free house over the last two days. I took friday off from work and was able to put in two good days building. I have to say… building with pallets is slow going. It’s tricky to figure out which pallet should go where and then cutting it to […]

$20,000 microhouse Prefab Home

This is a time lapse video showing the construction (assembly) of a small prefab house. The design is modern, the roof is flat, and the materials are green. It’s cool to see it go together step by step though. The project is the microhouse. If you read German you might enjoy the project website.

Underground House

Here’s an interesting house inspired by a book at DVD set, The $50 and up Underground House, by Mike Oehler. It’s a cob, log, and mostly natural material house being built by Glenn and Kathy Kangiser in central California. You can follow the construction process on this online forum. The most interesting part of the […]