Tiny Free House – Walls Half Way Up

I made more progress on my tiny free house over the last two days. I took friday off from work and was able to put in two good days building. I have to say… building with pallets is slow going. It’s tricky to figure out which pallet should go where and then cutting it to fit. Then keeping everything strait is a real challenge, although I’m happy that the tiny free house will have character I’m still trying my best to keep it strong and strait.

I’m learning a lot by making mistakes too. For example it would have been a lot easier to build on a flat surface, or at least a level trailer. Building around the wheels is also a real challenge with pallets. Luckily I did scavenge a few pieces of good lumber which came in handy over the wheels and for the window and door bucks.

On my next trip to the farm I hope to get the walls up completely and start on the roof. I think I need 14 more pallets to get the structure complete. The stuff you see in the house is all the pallet boards and scrap wood I’m building with. We needed to move the house at the end of day two so I loaded everything but the windows into the house.

Katie, our two year old, is also starting to warm up to the tiny free house. She actually wanted to get inside today and help out her dad 🙂

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