Another… Tiny Free House Update

I woke up this morning and drew a quick pitched roof, posted it, and got some immediate feedback on how to strengthen the walls. We’re thinking that staggered pallets in the walls should avoid one long weak horizontal seam around the whole house. I’m also estimating that I’ll need a total of 45 pallets for the basic shell. I’ll need more of course for things like the wheel wells, interior wall/cabinets, and siding. Here is the latest drawing. See the full post on my project blog

2 thoughts on “Another… Tiny Free House Update

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am really impressed with the amount of time and attention you have given to this subject and you have inspired me to explore this further, as well. I especially admire the re-use of a wasted resource and the possibility of providing emergency shelter, if practical, in some areas.

    I would like to feature some of the info you have created and gathered on a blog post of mine – with full credit and links back to your site. Is that OK with you?

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