Tiny Free House Framing Plan & Trailer Update

I just posted a fairly detailed update on my Tiny Free House project. The short version is… I have a trailer, my father-in-law did me a huge favor and cleaned it up for me so it’s pretty much good to go except for a little paint and a flat repair or two. I’ve also got my wall framing plan figured out. The Tiny Free House will be made from old pallets, busted up and cut into usable pieces of wood.

The hardest part of working with pallet wood, after breaking them apart, is trying to find a way to use all the uneven sized boards. They come in all sorts of widths and thicknesses. I’ll take the 2×4 material and make 36 inch by 40 inch panels out of five 36″ 2x4s and then cover the surface with 18 inch wide sections of the 1x boards. The various thicknesses and heights will add visual interest instead of turning out to be a problem. In other words I think I found a way to use the wood in a way that requires less work and produces less waste.

I’ll post another update here as soon as I have some wall panels built so you can see how the siding treatment turns out. For complete project details on this project visit TinyFreeHouse.com.

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