Tiny Free House featured in The Pavement

A little while back I was contacted by the folks at the Pavement, the free magazine for homeless people in London and Scotland. They wanted to do a story on the Tiny Free House I’m building out of pallets. While my progress has been slow it seems to be attracting some interest from a variety of places.

I think the folks at the Pavement were mostly interested in how an idea like this, turning discarded stuff into housing, might help inspire folks who need a home. You can read the complete article online at www.thepavement.org.uk.

tiny free house in the pavement

3 thoughts on “Tiny Free House featured in The Pavement

  1. nic warner says:

    hi there. you may want to take a look at the i-beamdesign website. they won an “architecture for humanity” award for there pallet house. think it has even been patented. its definitely been built numerous times. its a great idea.

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