Tiny Free House Update

I spent the weekend up at the family farm and was able to finish framing the eaves on my Tiny Free House. The front of the house is now ready for milled pallet boards which will really seal it up but first I need to do some prep work around the other sides of the house and finish the roof. I also discovered that I needed to bring the side windows down about 8 inches because the side eaves extended down lower than I imagined. In a normal house this might seem like a disaster since it would require the removal of a wall that’s holding up a roof but with a pallet house that’s screwed together I just threw in a temporary support and unscrewed a couple of pallets, cut them up and reframed. I was also able to build a stronger support over the wheels with a couple scavenged 4×4 posts and small 4×6 segments. I’ve posted a few more photos on the Tiny Free House blog

5 thoughts on “Tiny Free House Update

  1. Ransom says:

    I love it. would like to see photos of your work from beginning to finish if you have them. I would like to build one. would appreciate all the info and photos you can provide.

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